Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thank you!!!

I was driving home today after watching Matthew in "Tom Sawyer". He did a great job cartwheeling and memorizing his 183 lines. woah. It was impressive. I heard every word he said.

ANyway, as I'm driving, I saw a police car do a U-ey behind me and my stomach sank. Somehow I knew I did something wrong. I pulled over and sure enough.. I was speeding.

Thankfully the insurance card in the car was not out of date and I handed that and my license over to him. He asked if I was in a hurry and I said "No. I wasn't intentionally speeding." He asked when my last ticket was and I said "I've only gotten one other one in my life and it was a year or two ago". Luckily it was two years ago and I had court supervision so I only got a warning.

This was not near so traumatic as my first (and only) ticket. I started crying during that one because he took my license and I was scheduled to go to Bonaire a couple weeks later and needed it to leave the country. He was nice and let me pay the ticket and pick it up that night. whew.

At least this time I retained my composure and sat there while he looked stuff up.
I felt better too when Kirk told me that everyone speeds in that area (it is a part of Roosevelt that is only 35mph). still. my bad.