Saturday, July 11, 2009


I think I might be getting my groove back. I mean that - for about 10 months now I was too stress/depressed/uninspired to create. I didn't fuse, I didn't bead and I didn't paint.

I know starting the new full time job last fall had something to do with it. I KNOW my dad getting so ill was related and after he died, I was not feeling like creating.

This family vacation that I'm on is one with lots of horseback riding and I knew I didn't want to ride this year. I love to pet the horses and even riding in the arena, but I don't like the up and down on rocky paths and loping when I fear I will fall off (my horse last time would buck WHILE cantering). So, I brought books and my beads and EVEN stopped at a bead shop on the way up here. I am starting to get excited about creating again and I love that.

I think having classes to teach in the summer helps as well. I am free-lancing only and that isn't very stressful because there is no homework.

I'm in such a good place in so many areas of my life. Not ALL is perfect of course, but i just feel lucky and happy and I hope that is indicative of happy days to come.

Peaceful Valley is indeed just that.