Sunday, January 06, 2013

The internet sucks me in.
I can't help it. 
Lots of things suck me in. 

Did I ever mention that I'm nostalgic to a fault?
I re-live fun times and I keep things I should not keep, just because someone I love made them or gave them to me. 
I have outfits that each kid wore (ok - SEVERAL)
I flip through their baby books and get sucked in. 
I'm most nostalgic about my family I had growing up - especially my parents. Since Dad died, I'm more clingy to things HE made. Thankfully, he made a LOT. When I wish he was here again, I can just walk into my kitchen. I look down - there he is- the floor we installed together. (I measured, he cut) I can look at the huge desk/buffet he made me JUST for that new kitchen. Look a little to my left and there is the corner unit he built and a little further to the left is the first thing I remember asking for: a pantry. 

My living room has the hope chest and the video/DVD case he made. I am surrounded by him.

I only wish I didn't have to leave the kitchen floor when we leave this house. 

He also painted that kitchen with me. He HATED to paint, but to convince me it needed to be painted, he said he would do it with me. It wasn't until it was all done that he let it slip that he hates to paint. What a man he was.

I wonder what I will do for/leave for my children?
Maybe the videos I made. I've done that for years and I thoroughly enjoy creating them. 
Yikes. Beyond that I'm kinda at a loss. 
I better build a legacy here. Gettin' late.