Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm a song girl

I'm always been addicted to music. I remember my dad standing in front of the stereo pointing out parts of songs and getting so into it. I remember being bored and thinking "What is the big deal with THAT??". Then one day, I got it. I said "play that again!" and he joyfully did. He had sparked that love in me and it never went out. I relentlessly played certain parts of songs over and over until my sister probably wanted to toss that little panasonic cassette player out the window!

And so it continues today... I went searching for some Billy Joel songs from "Glass Houses" . I love musicmatch and I can go and be nostalgic and find whatever song I am dying to hear. Almost. After burning them to a CD, I just sat and let the tears flow as I heard them for the first time again in more than about 20 years. This album belonged to either my sister karen or brother mike. In case you are curious, the three songs I had to download were "C'etait Toi", "All for Leyna" and "Through the long night". mmm.

Incidentally, I managed to hook at least one of my kids into music as well. Matthew asks me to play things again when we're in the car. Andrew also will request songs that he really likes. I don't think they knew for a long time that most people didn't listen to songs from the 70s and 80s. I think they thought it was all current music.

I once wrote a poem called "music is a drug" because for me, it is one of the best comforts, and gives me whatever feeling I choose without leaving dead brain cells or a hangover. Wonderful stuff. Strongest "drugs" are cool chord changes and harmonies or BOTH!!

Thanks, Dad.


traci said...

i´m a song girl, too. in different ways than you, but still. i love you lots. xoxo traci

Kirk said...

sorry my silly songs aren't a good drug . . . but thanks for linking them anyway!