Tuesday, July 08, 2008

poor kitty

my favorite cat, lightning, got hurt friday and wouldn't use his front right paw. He hopped around and I thought it was the little cut he had. Then on sunday, it became VERY swollen so I took him in yesterday and he had an infection, fever and an abcess around the pads. We got him back today (349 dollars later, thank you very much) and he looks even worse.. he is groggy and his paw is a MESS!!! It is gross and it smells (I think it is just blood, but YEESH!!!)
poor guy is sleeping under the piano all day. I blotted it with a moist rag as instructed and he protested for a few seconds and then just FELL ASLEEP while protesting. too funny.
Beyond that, I'm getting pretty good at monkey ball with my son Matthew on the Wii. It is great fun. I'm not much good at anything else.
Just so you know.. black cherries are starting to get nice and sweet now. yum.

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