Sunday, August 16, 2009

starts out slowly and then peters out - thank you mr. negis

School will be starting soon and I almost feel ready. I dont have all my classes ready but I'm ready mentally. I am feeling good about life and where it's going and it is nice.

I just started a store on Etsy and it is so fun. I'm not selling a lot but I like taking the pictures and posting the little info snippets about the items. I put a quote that has the title of the piece in most of my listings and I like doing that. I saw another Etsy seller doing that. All the artists are so nice.

It has been a quiet house this year. The boys aren't really talkers and marianne has been gone most of the time. I love having her here, but we do get along a little better over the phone and seeing each other in person a little less. I used to get really mad at how she took my makeup and things but it is sad that my makeup never moves and I am never missing my mascara anymore.

I can't wait to see her on tuesday. :) :)
shoot. thought lost. train gone.
have a great day.


Michael said...

Was this referring to Mr. "Nagis" in the title of this post? Where are more posts? Why no news?

オテモヤン said...
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