Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mollys Rhinoscopy was a success. They found a 1/2 inch of Q-tip way up in the back of her nasal cavity. She likes to eat those, so I wasn't shocked at what the item was and I was VERY relieved that they found something. She is doing sooo much better now and started barking and playing again. She also runs around the house like a normal dog. We now keep the bathroom garbage under the sink so she can't get at it. yuck.

Also, thank you God for our passports arriving!! Yet again, we had to wait until 4 days before we left for them to arrive. We allowed 9 or 10 weeks this time but still it was stressful. We're all set to leave for Bonaire on Saturday now.

Beyond all that, things are clicking away as usual around here. It seems all of us are never home at the same time. I think a week in Bonaire will cure that. Its all about togetherness there. I can't wait!


Kirk said...

I'm happy that the 'running out the front door' part has returned too . . . but only because it further solidifies that our dog is back!

Anonymous said...