Monday, January 01, 2007

ok, one or two...

Happy New year! Mine was rather subdued spent with Kirk at a neighbors playing a game, eating appetizers and laughing like crazy. At midnight we were on the road (no one else was) going to pick up our son at a party. That was a first for us wishing happy new year while driving!

So... resolutions came to my head. I'm not really big on these, but Kirk was telling me how he achieved all of his from last year because he made them achievable and he made resolutions that he planned on achieving anyway. Well, here goes: I will blog more this year. Hey, I plan on doing it anyway. I'll also keep renovating my house. The cabinets, bathroom and front door come immediately to mind as needing attention.

I could look at difficult areas of my life and try to pick those apart and solve all my problems, but I will or won't look at those issues regardless of whether I made a resolution to do it, so I'm not going to.

One thing I never planned on doing nor could I have predicted: I stopped biting my nails. After years of acrylics or biting, I finally removed my silk nails in september or so and just stopped biting them. I have a manicurist who told me about some products to strengthen them (they are like tissue paper after you remove fakes) and now they are actually NICE. The two products that works so great are Peak by Pinnacle and Onymyrrhe. You can get Onymyrrhe at . You can get the Peak through amazon. I like to try to get everything possible through eBay, but these are harder to find there.

Okay, I think that's all the products I'll try to sell you on for today.

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Kirk said...

Cabinets, Bathroom and Front door. Any idea what you want to do first?