Monday, July 02, 2007

How's your hair?

I think I figured out why I haven't blogged in forever.
I dont know what to say.
I love to express myself. I'm used to doing that one on one. But what do you say when ANYONE could be listening? There's a lot of uneasiness.
I was gonna talk about my hair. It's a big deal to me. It is my best feature and I am a closet hair-sytlist. I used to imagine cutting people's hair when I was sitting in church. I'd arrange this one like this, comb that one's hair that way. Dye this, cut that... I still hate wearing the same hairstyle day after day with my own hair.Needless to say I'm INTO hair. I notice it. I dont notice teeth or skin or clothes but I notice hair. I probably have an opinion and I dont even know it. Test me. Ask me what I think you should do with your hair. I probably have a thought I could just blert out. I have the same thoughts for my own. Usually I just go ahead and cut/dye/fix my own. But I always think of new stuff I wanna do with mine.I am not happy with mine right now. the cut leaves me few choices and I dont like them. I also have it cut so complicated right now I'm not sure I can fix it myself and I dont want to go back and have it done. I've been cutting my hair since I was 13 and rarely go to a hairstylist until the last 2 years. I've been burnt too many times. And when it is your best feature, you are slow to trust. If my hair doesn't look good, it's not like I can fall back on a great figure or something. it just HAS to look good. see?
but see? some of you (of the 3 who read my blog) have got to be bored stiff with this line of writing. I guess i have the need to entertain and share and I doubt I can do it here.
so... I'll keep trying. more often I promise.

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Mary Anne said...

i HAVE MY HAIR LONGER THAN I HAVE IN A LONG TIME. yOU WILL SEE IT tomorrow and I know you will give me your honest opinion. Doyou worry about who might answer Andrew's blog? Are they safe for kids?
You are right on about your hair. No one could fix it the way you wanted it. That is why you started cutting it yourself. See you tomorrow. Mom