Monday, March 19, 2007

Language Police

If you ever had a 6 year old.. you know that they are rule-followers. They love to tell you when you are breaking the rules (like going through a yellow light if they understand that concept) and they usually don't like to be late. Well, later on, these rule-followers become the Language Police for awhile. I have one such person in my home. His name is Andrew and he evaluates my language constantly and I just got my first report card.

Let me back up. When my kids were BORN I stopped swearing completely and for a few years, it became habit to not let those words into my vocabulary. When I started going out with friends again, I may let a word go here and there just for fun :). Well my oldest probably never heard me swear in front of her until she was 12 or older (she is 16 now). But that makes my youngest the most vulnerable to hearing a word or two. This is especially because raising teenagers seems to bring it out in me [smile.. I love being a mom].

So.. I have received a D for "around the house" and a B+ for "outside the house" and my overall grade is a C-. I actually got a written report card on this. There were some interesting comments that I won't go into, but I'm glad it was just my Language Report Card and not my "Mommy Report card". My self-esteem probably couldn't take that!

Just had to share. THis is the little guy who is yawning in the hardware store video. That was 3 years ago, though.
Have a great day.. Be grateful for everything!

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Well said.