Friday, March 16, 2007

Underwater charades

Here I am in Bonaire with the Reef behind me. The "ok" sign is the sign in scuba for "all is well" meaning "I landed in the water ok" to "I saw that fish you just pointed at". Its really fun to scuba with deaf people because you can say so much more. A few years ago I met a deaf diver and we got to talk a lot. It was great. With hearing people it is just "point" and then "french angel" and then the other person says "okay". I still LOVE to scuba, tho. I can communicate quite a bit under water if I need to. I once said"Hey, quit swimming away. You need to stay here and be my buddy!" Just ask Kirk. I practically yelled at him underwater :)

1 comment:

Kirk said...

I think your exact words were, "You! No swimming away! Stay here buddy! I love you very much and you are the best husband in the world."