Friday, March 16, 2007

the road.. and Eddie

Ever feel like you can't see the road ahead of you? I can see about 5 feet and the rest is like a fog. And yet I'm not usually worried by it because I'm so fascinated and distracted by the pebbles in the road, the scenery to the side, and focused on myself what I am thinking and feeling on the trip.

I'm totally into analogies and this one I'm sure fits many people. I feel like I've spent most of my life not planning on what is coming or could be coming. I sorta care what is coming, but I have too much to do in the moment to really bother to plan it. Luckily, I'm surrounded by people who don't care that much either so they aren't asking me the "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" questions very often. If they start, I'll probably start wondering about it or feeling lost, but it will pass because soon I'll notice that craft class I can go to or my child will present me with a problem or a discipline challenge. So much to do.. who wants to think about all that is ahead?

Yet.. I have this great trust that it will be okay. I feel like God knows what is in the fog and is preparing me for it. I'm rather positive in that way.

I got Kirk to digitize a video I made that was for my dad for christmas in 2003. (I so sound like Eddie Izzard switching topics there - have you heard of him? he is a great comedian who is now in the show 'the riches'. He also played the guy who made the 'egg' in Ocean's 12. he is a clean comedian who swears. I can't explain that except to say that his topics are clean, but his language isn't. He just has one favorite word really. But he is hilarious. When he switches topics he just says "so.. yes. ... Wizards.. now they have all the luck." I just love him. ) The link for the video is here
Hope you enjoy it. Those are my kids as "the band".
That's all for now.

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Karen said...

So where do you see yourself five years from now? LOL

Load up some of those Bonair pictures in your next blog entry. :)