Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Cure for the Gaper.

Tomorrow I'm going to the demolition derby at the Sandwich fair. My parents are coming with us. I have to say, this is an event that we all like but almost feel guilty liking it. Do you know what a Demo derby is? In case you don't, put 15 junker cars in a small dirt area (sometimes muddy) that has huge logs on the sides and they just drive around a crash into each other until they are the last car still running. Smashing up the cars is the point and many will run for a while after they are quite banged up. It is really cool.. see... there is the guilt again.
We feel weird that we like it. maybe we're ... sick.
I guess I know deep down that people can't get hurt easily, but the possibility of a fire is quite exciting and there is usually one or two per derby. Just the crashes are cool too. THIS is why people stop and gape. They don't attend enough demolition derbys. If you do, you get your fill of "oooo.. a banged up car" and you don't need to gape. I personally make a point of NOT gaping on a highway crash. Just out of principle.
ok.. that's my thought.
How to cure gaping. You read it here first.

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