Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have recently gotten hooked on "Will and Grace" and went out and bought 2 seasons. Wow. It is great fun and I can watch many of them with the teenagers (it isn't really appropriate for the 10 yr old).

I'm also franticly studying and preparing for my written test for RID certification (being a certified interpreter). This is quite stressful but I'm happy to be working on it. I often do cold voicing on to work on voicing and that is interesting. Kirk has said to the kids, "Dont' bug mom, she's on the phone" because he hears me talking and thinks that is what I'm doing. It's pretty funny.

I am wearing many hats these days: instructor of 4 classes, counselor, freelance interpreter, educational interpreter and still making jewelry.

Also, i'm working on a video for my dad. My brother Kevin has organized a golf outing in his honor and I'm doing a video of "Wonderful Life Moments" for during dinner. I have a few other jobs as well, but I'm quite excited about this one because it involves creativity. Soon I'll post a link, but i have to wait until the dinner happens on the 14th so others don't see it. I know noone reads this, but just in case :)


Kirk said...

You weren't talking on the phone? Now I'll just say, "Don' bug mom -- she's cold voicing." :)

traci said...

what the heck is cold voicing? sounds scary :) also, i read this blog. also, can't wait to see the video. miss you.

Cassie said...

ooooh. Cold voicing is like cold calls. You do it without meeting the person first or knowing what will be said. You just watch and voice at the same time.
sorry for the lingo of the 'biz