Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Belated "hello"

I have not been "asleep at the wheel" so-to-speak. This blog really became a place to pour out my heart and I needed that and now I don't need that, but I also didn't know what to say. I'm in a better place having more distance from my dad's death, but also I miss him MORE than I did in January. I am no longer depressed. I live my life with happy thoughts and goals and hope. It's just that when I look at a picture of my dad, my heart hurts. i have dreams that he is alive again, fulfilling what I need. Sometimes he is hugging me and other times I am doing things for him and he thanks me for each thing I do. I love that I remember his voice so accurately and my dreams get it right.

I am into my second semester as a full time instructor at Waubonsee. It is MUCH less stressful than last semester and I really enjoy it. I can keep up on all the work and I'm not overloaded.

All the Coburn family is coming in this weekend to be together. I just love those times.

Welcome to Martha - a friend of mine - who just started a new blog. Hers is about life and her new online business on Etsy. check it out at
She has great vintage stuff on her site and is starting to really get some recognition!
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