Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Things are about the same with my dad. Small things keep getting worse and worse, but that doesn't make it worse for me, even though I know it isn't as bad as it is going to be. ...Maybe it is time for a new topic.
My daughter is home from college. After reading my brothers "good news - bad news" christmas letter, I want to frame it that way.
Good news - I missed her more than I knew. We get to see each other and talk and she understands me.

Bad news - we see each other more, so we talk more, so we yell more.

Andrew learned how to make 3D paper snowflakes and how to cut really cool ones on a website he found: http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/index.html?taf=receiver
We finally got our tree up, found most of our ornaments and are attempting to get them all up.

I am busily preparing for my sisters wedding. (dec 27th) I've completed most of my jobs to my satisfaction (that takes kinda long). I did the place cards and because of a few errors, I am one short. ONE!! I think instead of buying a pack of them, I'm going to find the white-out. Karen, if you read this, I hope this is okay :)

I'm making headway on the grading. This is a very familiar hurdle I leap every year before christmas. *sigh*

I am grateful that my husband takes care of me. Most recently by putting a heater in my car (with extension cord) so that we could try to melt the ice yesterday. He scraped it with me too :) sweetie.

there.. that was better. Maybe today will be a better day than yesterday.


Renee Oakley said...

You rock as a wedding coordinator!I think the white-out idea is a good one. No one will ever notice if the lighting is just right :) It will be a special, wonderful day. Your sister is lucky to have you.

I am glad that you are still blogging this whole experience and I'm praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us all updated. I enjoy reading your blog and have been keeping up on joes information. Tony and I have you all in our prayers!